Keeping your crops growing and healthy is the key to your successful agricultural business. Having a pump system that work well and without problems is vital — that’s why Townsend Pump Service is here to help you. Whether it’s an installation, repair or a simple troubleshooting matter, we’re there for you.

We’ll gladly visit your property to give you an estimate for any of our products, equipment or services. Let us give you a hand today. We often can make same-day visits possible. Your satisfaction and peace of mind is important, and that’s why since 1974, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping area agricultural properties just like yours.

We also can help with well rehabilitation. As water wells age, they can have substantial build up from certain minerals. This can plug the flow of water and result in lower yielding wells. Lower yields mean higher pumping costs and shorter pump life. We’ll be able to help with chemical applications so you can get back to a normal pump life.

Helping your land stay healthy:

  • Pump installation
    • 6″ and larger submursible turbine pumps
    • Irrigation well pumping system
  • Pump repairs
    • Inspection
    • Detection of needed repairs
  • Pump system troubleshooting
  • Well rehabilitation


Family owned and operated since 1974